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Key Features & Benefits is the biggest study abroad information site in Japanese with the largest number of visitors.

There are no registration nor monthly fees. You can manage your school information page for Japanese without any fee.

If you do not know Japanese, do not worry! Ablogg have a translation service to help you.

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Why use Ablogg?

Makoto Uchida, the representative of Ablogg, have talked to more than 1,000 prospective students and made 200 contracts for language schools each year as a prospective student counselor in one of major agencies in Japan.

During these processes, he learned how Japanese people collect the information of schools from the internet and how they decide which school they will enter. He established Ablogg through these experiences.

Many Japanese people go to some agencies to collect more information of the schools. But they can get only a few schools’ information there because agencies organize most information of the schools at the Japanese market and agencies suggest only a few schools.

Nowadays, it is common for people to check comments and opinions on the internet before deciding something. Prospective students have noticed that there is more choice than agencies’ suggestion.

The prospective students would like to know about more schools and choose the best one for them.

But Unfortunately, most of Japanese prospective students cannot find the information of many schools by themselves. They search schools on the internet only in Japanese so that they cannot find the schools, which they have only English web page. has solved this problem. Japanese people can find many schools even if they search them only in Japanese.

Many prospective students has been already looking for schools via Please use and introduce your school directly to Japanese prospective students.

What can you do through Ablogg?

Publish your school informationAblogg does it instead of you.

Prospective students see your school information on Ablogg.

Answer the questions from prospective studentsAblogg publishes the answer on the site. If students write in Japanese, Ablogg translate it for you.


Make comments to reviews of a students who had an experience of study abroad.Ablogg publishes the comment for each reviews on the site. If students write in Japanese, Ablogg translate it for you.

Review by user. Comment by School.

Make estimates. Prospective students contact the school directly about the estimates.Ablogg does not mediate between students and schools for enrollments and payments. We only introduce schools to Japanese prospective students.

You can receive the inquiries directly from prospective students through the button of "Contact the school." on Ablogg.

How to start using Ablogg?


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register information

Ablogg registers your school into and publishes the school information.

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I do not know Japanese. Can I use
No problem. Our staff will register your school information instead of you. When a prospective student contacts you in Japanese via, we translate it and inform you.
Japanese people have to use an agency to study abroad, do they?
No. Actually, many Japanese students would like to contact directly to the school. But they always search on the internet only in Japanese and can not find English homepages of schools. They just do not know other way of using agencies.
Do we need to pay any costs if nobody enter our school?
No. However, we can gain more students if you pay us some introducing fee after a student enters your school through Firstly, please try to use Ablogg and feel its effectiveness. Second, please consider paying the introducing fee.
Our school does not have Japanese web page. Can we use as our Japanese web page?
Yes. is configured by designs especially for Japanese people. You can take advantage of to your official Japanese web page.
Can Japanese people make an application in English or any other foreign language?
Writing and Reading skills of Japanese people are not so low. In Ablogg’s opinion, they have to try to make an application and prepare VISA by themselves if they are planning to study abroad. If they can not manage to do it, there are so many services in Japan for preparing to go abroad.
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Ablogg’s mission is to offer a valuable service to schools and program providers through technology innovation in order to give the most meaningful study abroad experience for all students.
Our Story
Our website is one of the biggest websites which provides services in Japanese language. Makoto Uchida, the representative of Ablogg, made good use of his experiences of working in the major study abroad agency to solve the problems in the Japanese market and established Ablogg.

2006 - 2010Makoto Uchida has worked in the major study abroad agency. He noticed some gaps through this experience.

Although there is a lot of English information on the internet, Japanese prospective students search only in Japanese and cannot find more information.

Although there are so many schools in the world, agencies suggest students only a few schools.

We would like to show students that there are more schools than agencies’ suggestion. Then, the idea of creating came to our mind.

Our website is the service that Japanese students can get school information even if they search in Japanese by making good use of IT technology.

July 2011Makoto Uchida opened a website that students, who have already studied abroad, introduce their blogs and twitters.

February 2013We compiled and opened a database of information of cities and schools around the world.

September 2014Renewed the website and started the current service, and then, founded ABLOGG, LLC.

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