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    For better or for worse, the University of Connecticut is a university that is bound by its surrounding environment. Situated in remote Storrs, CT, it is about an hour away from Boston and two hours away from New York. Unlike those major cities, however, UCONN students need a car to get around, as the campus itself is isolated and public transportation options are limited. There are benefits to this isolation, however; UCONN students are holed up in the library, far away from the temptations of studying in a big city. Bonds between students are stronger as well, since there are limited other options besides socializing with other UCONN students. Since UCONN is a state university, both professors and students run the gamut. While there are brilliant professors and students at UCONN, there are also students with a lack of drive and purpose. Finally, the ratio of Japanese foreign students to the overall population is miniscule. Due to its remote location and lack of brand name, there are only 2 students out of 15000 that come from Japan, besides the foreign exchange students. This allows for people to really focus on improving their English language skills.

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